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About Wood Furniture Stain Colors

In October 2007 Ohio Amish furniture builders got together and agreed on a standard naming convention for wood stain colors known as Ohio Certified Stains  or  OCS. This is a Registered US Trademark. All Ohio Amish furniture workshops and finishing shops agree to use these stains and refer to the colors by the same assigned number. Many Amish furniture craftsmen in Indiana and Pennsylvania also use the OCS standards.


For the consumer this has been a very positive step forward. Now furniture pieces can be ordered from different builders or even years apart and when the same solid wood and stain color are specified, the pieces will co-ordinate well. But remember that an exact perfect match is still not possible because of the variances in the raw wood... even when pieces are built and stained at the same time. Which is a good thing!  We hope, if you are on this site, you are not looking for cloned, mass produced looking furniture.


Todays Amish builders use catalyzed finishes instead of varnish or sealers. These finishes are extremely durable and stand up well over time. Clean only with a slightly dampened cloth, then wipe dry. Never use traditional furniture polishes on these finishes.


Although any stain color can be applied to any solid wood, certain colors take better on certain woods. Our samples are of the most popular colors on the most popular woods. Colors on a computer monitor should only be used as a guide and not be used to actually match an existing piece of furniture. In most situations, these guides are enough information to make a choice of stain color when ordering a new piece of furniture. If you are unsure, contact us and we can send you actual stain samples.

Info about the solid wood furniture stain colors we offer.