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Custom Designed Furniture

Changes to furniture we sell on our website:

If you find a piece of furniture that you like on our website but would like to make some changes, such as

  • Increase or decrease size
  • Add or remove shelves
  • Add or remove drawers
  • Add or remove doors
  • Change doors to wood or glass


Done !!

Custom Built Furniture | Rosewood Home Decor

Furniture Your Way

Custom Designed and Built...

We Can Do That !!

Provide detailed information of your changes and attach any pictures or specs, if available.

We'll contact you about the project and provide you with a free price quote.

When you accept the quote, we'll build your perfect piece.

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Custom Built Furniture | Rosewood Home Decor

If you find a piece of furniture on our site, but need changes in size or details, or you have a picture or drawing of something you like,

Email Us:

Want us to build a new piece from scratch:

Our customer found a picture of a bench that they liked, except........ (isn't there always something you would like to change?)

They needed the bench to be made narrower to fit their space.

They wanted top drawers instead of an open shelf.

And painted white would make it perfect.

Done !!