Selling furniture on a website is challenging. We do our best to give our customers all the information they need to make wise decisions. Here are some tips to make your shopping easier:

  • Different areas of the country call furniture by different names. Are you looking for a bookcase or a bookshelf, a rocking chair or a rocker?  To have better results when searching for an item, enter a partial word such as book* or rock*  (include the *).

  • Our furniture comes in many different woods and stain colors but you may only see one picture, in one wood and one color. Visit our Photo Gallery page for help visualizing the different looks or Contact Us and we can send you actual wood and stain samples.

  • We post on our store all available pictures of our furniture. You may have to look at multiple products to see a picture of what an option looks like. Confused?  Contact Us and we will help you.

  • Measure, measure and then measure! All our furniture has the dimensions in the description.

        The height (h) is from the floor to the highest part of the piece. Check your ceiling height.

        The width (w) is measured looking at the piece from the front and measuring from side to side at the widest points.

        The depth (d) is measured from the front of the piece to the back.

        First make sure the piece will fit in the space where it will rest. Next measure the doorways and hallways that the piece must           pass through when delivered. Especially if you are going up to a second floor or down to a basement. Our shipping company is           awesome, working hard to deliver your furniture in home. Some items can be taken apart, but some deliveries are impossible.          When in doubt, check with us before ordering.

To make online shopping easier, we list furniture in general categories. May we suggest, you think outside the box...

Furniture in the  Night Stands (Bedrooms)  and  End Tables (Living Rooms)  categories are, for the most part, interchangeable. Both products average 24 inches high and 24 inches wide. Both come with drawers and open shelves. Perhaps you would prefer the look of an end table next to your bed or a night stand would work better next to your couch or chair.​

Also, in the End Table category, look for what are called Chairside Tables if your space is limited. Most Chairside Tables are only 13 inches wide. Night stands and end tables can also add extra storage in a small hallway or foyer.

Need a table for a hallway or foyer?  Look at  Sofa Tables, Hall Tables (Living Rooms)  and  Buffets/Sideboards (Dining Rooms). These products are available in a wide range of widths and lengths and can add storage along with a table surface.

Consider  Sofa Tables, Hall Tables (Living Rooms)  as a TV stand for today's flat screen TVs or as a side table in a Home Office. They are a great option to save space and money.

Looking for a small padded bench for a hallway, bedroom, bathroom (anywhere) check out Ottomans (Living Rooms) .

Storage that doubles as a coffee table or bench...  Check out  Hope Chests, Toy Boxes (Home Decor).

Storage Cabinets for any room... Check out  Hutches/Cupboards (Dining Rooms)  ​and  Bookcases (Office).

Most of our  Beds (Bedrooms)  are shown with beautifully designed high footboards.  We know this does not match everyone's design taste or it may not be practical in your situation.  Look for the note  Low Footboard Available  which appears on over 95% of the beds we sell.  A low footboard is usually only 17-18 inches high (from the floor) and is there mainly to support the bed frame.  Selecting the low footboard option will reduce the price of the bed by about 25% .

We have been asked by customers if they can purchase only a headboard. Our answer is yes, but you won't be happy. Our beds are designed so that the headboard, footboard and sideboards all fit together perfectly for a strong, sturdy bed.  If you only buy a headboard, you may never find a frame which will fit it.  Bottom line, buy the whole bed and opt for the low footboard. 

Browse through the  Hutches/Cupboards (Dining Rooms)  category. When the hutch is a separate piece from the bottom, the bottom is always available alone as a buffet.  Look for the note  Bottom Available Without Hutch.

The cupboards come in many sizes and styles. Not just for Dining Rooms, they would also look great in Kitchens, Bathrooms, Family Rooms or Home Offices.

Looking for barstools or counter stools? We have a  Barstool (Dining Rooms)  category, but we only list an item here if we have a picture of the item. Start here to see the different heights available and how the bases look. Then look through the  Dining Chairs (Dining Room)  category to find the back and arm style you like. Look for the note  Also Available as Barstool. Contact us for a price quote.

Many customers have re-purposed our beautiful, solid wood  Jewelry Boxes (Home Decor)  to work in other rooms. Because the wood dividers in the drawers can be removed, use one on a kitchen counter to hold recipes or small tools and use one on a desk to hold stamps, paper clips, etc.

With a little imagination the possibilities are endless!

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