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About Furniture Solid Woods

About Furniture Woods | Rosewood Home Decor
About Furniture Woods | Rosewood Home Decor

​All of our solid wood furniture is built from locally harvested North American Hardwoods. Customers describe our furniture as strong, heavy, durable and, of course, beautiful. When you select your piece of solid wood furniture, you will have a choice of which hardwood will be used to build your furniture. We have included this guide to North American Hardwoods to help you make the right choice. Please note, if the comments refer to a particular wood as ' staining unevenly ', this is not necessarily a negative but does help you picture what the finished furniture will look like.


When a tree is born, it is a unique creation. No identical twins are born in a forest. Therefore, each piece of wood taken from nature will have it's own special characteristics. The beauty of our solid wood furniture is the differences in the wood grains or the slight differences in how the wood takes the stain. Your piece of furniture will be a one of a kind work of art.


Solid wood is a natural fiber. It will shrink and swell with the seasons. Take care not to expose solid wood furniture to extremes in temperature and humidity. Season cracks may appear if humidity drops below 30-40%. Do not expose solid wood furniture to direct sunlight or a heat source, which can discolor the finish.


Solid wood does change color over time even under normal conditions. Lighter finishes are the most vulnerable to wood darkening. Move the furniture and anything on the furniture around periodically so shadows and silhouettes do not appear on the wood surfaces.